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Acme BAT Bluetooth speaker + one knob control

Driver size: 1.5"; Playback time: up to 8h; Working distance: up to 10 m; Controls: power, volume..

35.11€ KM-ta: 29.26€

ACME NI30 2.1 Speaker system

Wired remote control with Line-IN; Control: VOLUME/POWER; Magnetically shielded..

37.53€ KM-ta: 31.27€

ACME SP104B Muffin Bluetooth speaker / Black

Working distance: 10 m; Controls: power, volume/playback/call; Supported profiles: Bluetooth V2.1;..

28.92€ KM-ta: 24.10€

ACME SP109 Dynamic Bluetooth speaker

Working distance: up to 10 m; Playback time: up to 6h Controls: power, volume/playback/call;..

25.14€ KM-ta: 20.95€

Acme SS-204 Deep bass speakers 6 W

Wooden, compact subwoofer fits into tight spaces and delivers deeper bass when you want to feel the ..

35.18€ KM-ta: 29.31€

Creative A60

2 x satellite speakers 1 x Warranty/Technical Support leaflet ..

28.14€ KM-ta: 23.45€

Creative GigaWorks T20 II Series

Package Contents Two speakers Stereo-to-stereo audio cable (2m) Dual RCA-to-stereo adap..

73.55€ KM-ta: 61.29€